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Remapping / Chip Tuning

Remapping & Chip tuning is where it all began for Lehane. We are not just another pop up tuning company. We began in the world remapping & Chip tuning in early 2008.
Since the beginning, we have dealt with all aspects, dealt with all the problems that can arise, and developed our knowledge, and tooling to ensure the job is completed, correctly!
We have dealt with Engine managements systems from early vehicles, to the most modern. Generating all types of solutions to fit every customer.
Whether its economy improvements, performance, emissions, or even speed limiter or anti-lag & launch control!
From the humble beginnings of tuning, is where we branched in to the dealing with a motor vehicles other on board systems.
Creating even more solutions to suit our customers when any electrical on board system needs attention.
When it comes to remapping. You can be confident using us. With our tools & lengthy knowledge. You are certainly in the safest hands.
A little more can be found of where we came from can be found on facebook.com/welshtuning

What is remapping/Chip tuning & what do you do?

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Remapping is a more modern term for chip tuning.
Remapping is to modify the software within the engines ECU (Engines brain!) to improve its efficency to get out of it, what its capable of.
but in this case, remapping is for more the latest vehicles. where a vehicle has re-programable memory.
meaning that the computer can be re-flashed (programmed) over & over.
leaving us with the means to be able to program memory without much dissasembly of the vehicle, & easily write revisions.
Chip tuning being the other term, reffers to the earlier vehicles that use one time programable memory (OTP) which meant
that the ECU had to be removed to remove the computer chip holding the relevant data, read the data.
modify the data, before writing your new modifications to a replacement chip.
revise the software? means either using ultra-violet light to erase & re-write. Or throw i the bin and start over.
Many modern ECUs still require removals for programming, but on a the different end of the spectrum to chip tuning.
These days, the reason for this is because manufacture is putting so much security in place to try prevent access.
Even though they still use re-programable memory, bootmode (Like a PC BIOS) is required to get to all data, to bypass security thats in place.

Why do people get their car remapped?

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Remapping is the most popular and efficent way to gain more from your vehicle.
some vehicles have huge gains in performance as much as 50% from a remap alone!
All vehicles these days are produced to deal with their huge customer base,
meaning they have to deal with all countries, climates, altitudes, temperatures.. even insurance brackets!
With all this taken in to account. you will find how these engines management software has been produced to
fit all these factors. Meaning, there can be so much to gain.

How much does remapping cost?

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Remapping cost can vary depending on requirements, & the type of ECU (Newer being far more complex & older needing more work!)
And also what you are aiming to achieve. generally, prices start from £100. this may cover some software solutions, as in removing or adding a vehicles speed limiter. For Performance/Economy remaps, prices start from £170. The price can be more subject to vehicle modifications, age, type and/or more solutions are needed on the one vehicle.

Can remapping break my car?

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Remapping does not break your car. if your car doesnt start immediately after the remap. it can take us more time, but we do resolve this.
it does happen. as the engines controller checks its own software integrity. if it can see a problem. it will shut down.
We see many new tuning companies appearing, and we recover a lot of ECUs for 3rd party companies that just dont have the experience.
And as far as the engine, the software we produce, are only as good as the engines its put in with.
We cover all relevant health checks & logs to ensure a healthy engine we are dealing with.
but a remap making the engine operate greater than it prevously had.
If you a component was un-healthy previously, the failure will arrive sooner.
but the remap certainly does not make healthy components fail


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