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Lehane is a specialist mobile vehicle locksmith. We can produce duplicate, or replacement keys when all are lost to your vehicle on the spot. At your chosen location. Car keys start from £80, supplied, cut & programmed.
Covering South Wales & its surrounding areas.

My car key blade is broken/missing. What can I do?

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Lehane have the specialist tools to enter your vehicle, avoiding any damage. We use specialist lock picks, so that we can enter your vehicle and make the key from your lock. If your door lock has failed, don’t worry, we can also pick other access points, & have other means to enter the vehicle still avoiding any damage. Available for many makes & models.

I need a spare remote key for my car.

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We can supply and duplicate car keys for most makes & models of vehicles on road today. We stock a large number of keys, so get in touch & we can supply, cut & program your additional key.

I've lost my only car key, what can I do?

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Lehane can cater for complete loss of keys. With the means of lock picking, we can decode the key blade to make a replacement blade with no original blades at all. Finally, extracting the immobiliser data from within the vehicles computers, to match the new key to the vehicle.

My car won't start & immobiliser light is flashing.

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Common occurrence with many vehicles, after dropping or damaging a key. Or even when the cars battery had gone flat. We can in either case, either supply a replacement key. Or re-code the original to work with the vehicle again.

How much does a car key cost?

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The cost of a replacement key depends on your car make, model and year. Age plays a big factor. The newer the vehicle, the more complex the system has become. More complex key cuts, & more complex immobiliser system. Price will vary depending on your needs also, if only a spare key required, prices start from £80 for a key. If you have lost your keys, and we need to create you a key from scratch, please get in touch for pricing providing your vehicle details.

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