StarLine Smart Security

Get ready to discover a whole new dimension of professional automotive security!

StarLine is UK’s fastest growing professional automotive security solutions to private and commercial vehicle owners.

Amidst UK’s worst ever vehicle theft epidemic, StarLine has taken the concept of vehicle security to a whole new level, because quick fixes and generic solutions will no longer do.

Not merely selling a product, StarLine are providing a platform for professional technicians to build a solid, multilayered vehicle security package tailored to any particular vehicle, & taking into account its owner’s unique needs for security and comfort, as well the vehicle’s inherent vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited by thieves.

Offering solutions that are research-based, proven, and reliable, designed not only to combat the ever-evolving techniques used by modern-day vehicle thieves, but also meet the demands- and suit the lifestyle- of the contemporary vehicle owner.

StarLine provide Immobilisers, Alarms, Tracking Devices & all in one units with impressive additions & special features. 2 wheels or 4 wheels, for water or sky. StarLine cover it.

Including low cost telematic subscriptions to suit all budgets.


Taking Automotive Security To A Whole New Level.

  • Security / Risk Factors
    What methods of theft is YOUR vehicle vulnerable to? How many of them do you need protection from?
  • Connectivity
    Would you like to be in contact with your vehicle 24/7, anytime, anywhere? How would you like to communicate with your car?
  • Performance
    Minimum intrusion, maximum performance — a system that adapts seamlessly to your car, ensuring stable and reliable performance, day after day.
  • Comfort
    Super intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing for a host of user-comfort upgrades, such as remote start, window roll-up, hands-free, and lots more.
  • Innovation
    We don’t use outdated concepts and solutions. Only the latest technologies that are continuously updated and streamlined to stay ahead of the criminals.
  • Value
    Most of our packages have several products built-in that are sold by other companies as separate products, allowing you to save hundreds of pounds!

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