Smart Track Award Winning Vehicle Trackers

Lehane are authroised suppliers/installer of SmartTrack tracking devices.

All SmartTrack devices are tested to Thatcham TQA standard. They operate using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS & GSM technology, supporting x2 internal aerials & x3 axis motion sensors. Having an in-built battery back-up the device has the ability to remain operational even when the vehicles power supply is removed.

Subsctription – Once the subscription is purchased, the device becomes fully monitored by the Global Telemetrics Global Secure Control Centre. Subscription payments can be paid by credit/debit card & is paid directly to SmartTrack UK. The subscription can by paid monthly, or annually.

Monitoring – Global Telemetrics SCC monitors your vehicle’s status for you 24 hours a day & 365 days of the year. A member of staff will call you if your vehicle is ‘illegally’ moved (without the vehicles ignition being used) or if the battery is disconnected.

Thatcham Assured Tracking Devices for Cars, Motorhomes, LCV & HGV.

Protect Pro Global

  • Thantcham Cat 6 Quality Assured
  • IP67 Waterproof 
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Global Telemetics mobile app
  • Monitored 24hr/365PA
  • Battery disconnect/low battery level alerts
  • Movement sensor alerts (If moved with no ignition on)

£299 Supply & Installation

  • Fully transferable
  • 3 year warranty
  • Optional alarm sounding alert
  • minimum 12month subscription
  • £12.49PM or £149PA

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